Our leadership team…designed solely by dependence of the Holy Spirit!  Due to our vision of being a diverse group of believers, we believe it’s important for diversity to be found at all levels of leadership.  Our leaders are from a variety of varying backgrounds, ethnicity, economics, and generations.  We do this because we want our community of believers to reflect the same community that we live in.  We are not a separate entity from the community; we aim to be ONE with the community! 


Dan Johnson, Lead Pastor

Dan is passionate about helping others living the best life they can live while serving God!  He enjoys teaching others and helping them develop into more mature followers of Christ!  He loves spending time with his wife, Kelly, and two daughters traveling and seeing God’s creation.  He’s a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks and anything that might even resemble a sport!  Most importantly, he’s a lost soul that God saved from the depths of depression into the joy of serving Jesus! 


Lans Jones, Director of Walk
Lans Jones is, before anything else, a child of the King. He is madly in love with his wife, Kelly, and adores each of their seven children, but it is Jesus who remains his first love. As a Bible teacher, discipleship pastor, Christian ethicist, and parenting coach, Lans relishes every opportunity he is given to demonstrate and teach others how they too can live in the abundant vitality and freedom purchased for believers by the Messiah. In his spare time Lans enjoys reading novels, writing his books, and recording podcasts.